Medical Kit is an essential part of what you or your porter carries on the trail. Some of these items may be much appreciated when you are feeling terrible on the trail. For more information on what to take for altitude sickness, the correct milligrams, and other medications consult your physician.

Nepal Intrepid Treks trekking crew too carries the first aid kit that would also may not be sufficient and if you wish to carry then following are recommended.

Water disinfectant: Iodine pills
Wound Disinfectant: Povidone-iodine
Blister treatment: Ex: Moleskin. However, I have never had a problem with blisters as long as I am hiking in well worn in shoes.
Adhesive strips: Band-Aids
Cloth adhesive tape and Gauze roll
Scissors: A Swiss army knife would do
Matches: Waterproof and Windproof
Space Blanket
Aspirin or Tylenol
Anti-inflammatory: such as Advil
Antibiotics: Bactrim DS or Speptra DS
Antidiarrheal: Pepto Bismol tablets (Don’t ask me how many of these I took on the trail!), or Lomatil
Antinausea Drugs: Compazine or Phenergan
Antihelminthic for worms: Mebendezole
Antihistamine: Diphenhydramine, or chlorpheniramine
Decongestant: Sudafed
High Altitude Medication: Diamox, or Decadron