Manaslu Region

Nepal Intrepid Treks family’s most of the members are from Manaslu Region of Nepal Trekking. We will provide the service like no other while taking you to the amazing land of Manaslu mountains. The people to the nature there are abundance of the mystical adventure activities to carry out in the region.

Manaslu circuit trek and Manaslu Tsum Valley trek are the most syllable trekking in Manaslu region. The home of the different flora and fauna amalgamated with the beautiful hills, forests, glacial rivers, lakes, waterfalls, mountains and villages of multi ethnic people. The region traverses the three different districts of Nepal Dhading, Gorkha and Lamjung. The crossing of the unlimited swift hilly rivers and streams coming out of tall hills and mountains would enthrall you with the magnificent trekking period. There are so many things that you can observe. If you wish to tailor made your trekking package in the Manaslu region then we can take you to the Barpak village of Nepal which is the epicenter of the April earthquake of 2015. The devastating earthquake epicenter is worth watching and assisting the people of the region for the rebuilding purpose and it can be worth noting down in the volunteering purpose for you which clearly states the purpose of helping the people of Gorkha.

Come and trek with us by choosing any package of the Manaslu region with the Nepal Intrepid Treks team for the exhilarating experience of mountains, volunteering, people and culture.

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