Dolpo Region

Dolpo Trek is the mystical journey towards the untainted land up int he Himalayas. This is probably the best off the beaten trekking trail that you will ever get. Nepal Intrepid Treks team presents the best wilderness adventure package for all the thrill seekers. Imagine the journey so tranquil and full of the wonders of the Mother Nature. This is the right trekking package for you to choose.

Dolpo Trek consists of the two amazing trekking trails and you can trek to either of them in terms of the availability of the time. The Upper Dolpo is considered as the long trekking in Nepal journey whereas the Lower Dolpo is the least needed in terms of the time. The attractions and the wilderness untouched land is still there in both of these trails. Nepal Intrepid always believed in providing the best service to the guests and chance to test the perseverance and intrepidity. This is the very chance for all to believe and embark on this relentless journey to the Himalayas.

Book Dolpo Trek and realize the passion, compassion as well as joy of traveling to the untainted land of Nepal.


Lower Dolpo Trek

Dolpo region is probably the most mythical and mystical place of Nepal Trekking.

Upper Dolpo Trek

Dolpo region of Nepal is considered as the mystical and mythical fabled valley