Volunteering in Nepal

Nepal is developing country where basic pre requisites of life are hard to fulfill for the most of the marginalized community and people. The April 2015 earthquake cruelly ripped apart many villages and architectural landmarks. The small help in bringing the smile back on the face of grieved people could be awesome. The help on education, cultural exchange and other voluntary works in rural Nepal could provide the spiritual progress in your life.
Come and join hands with the locals, stay with locals and spread the smile to the locals. The feeling of volunteering would be so spiritual that you can forget all the hardship you endured in life. The Volunteering opportunity in Nepal as arranged by Nepal Intrepid Treks would present you the opportunity to learn the Nepalese culture and traditions authentically by staying with them. The daily chores of the Nepalese people will touch your heart. Either you get indulged in the construction work of schools or damaged houses by earthquake or you can also work as a volunteer teacher in rural government schools of Nepal. These volunteering works will help the locals to know about the culture of the foreigners and vice versa.
Come and spread some smile on the faces of the Nepalese people and get spiritually enlightened. Volunteering in Nepal would be holy task combined with the chance to explore this beautiful Himalayan nation.

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