Canyoning is the extreme adventure sport which is best suited in the geographical terrain like Nepal and the kind of streams as well as the waterfalls present in Nepal. The adrenaline rush that you get while descending or ascending on the hills together with the water fall in the slippery surface looking down straight down in the natural water reservoir or the rocks could be the best adventure activity that you can do in your entire life. Nepal Intrepid Treks & Expedition offers this amazing wilderness adventure package to fulfill your adventure dream.
Nepal has unlimited swift white water rapids which falls directly from the hill top making it the gorgeous and daunting waterfalls. Imagine the situation where you are hanging in the cliff with a small harness rope and below is the rocky water reservoir above is the gigantic water falls hitting at you as well as the slippery surface.

Fulfill the adventure spiritually in the waterfall of Nepal with us via this package.

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