Ganga Jamuna Trek is the spiritual and natural village trekking in Nepal. This is probably the most intriguing Nepal trekking under off the beaten trekking path. Witness the local area of the trekking crew of Nepal Intrepid Treks. The local trekking support members of the Nepal Intrepid Treks are hailed from the region and the travelling around our homeland would be authentic as well as resourceful.

Ganga Jamuna Trek is the trekking trail which lies in the Dhading district of Nepal at the vicinity of Manaslu Circuit Trek trail. The journey starts with the hilly postal road trip from Dhadingbeshi. Kathmandu to beshi is the black topped highway while from Dhading beshi to Aarkhet is the postal hilly bumpy road. Aarkhet is in two side of the Budigandaki River dividing Gorkha district and Dhading district. The other side of the Aarkhet is en-route to the Tsum Valley Trek and Manaslu Circuit Trek. The journey then takes uphill walking until you reach the twin waterfalls of Ganga and Jamuna. The walking would be mesmerizing as the trail passes by different ethnic people villages. From Mongolian to Aryan the trekkers can witness the amazing culture, traditions and lifestyle of the rural Nepalese people. Furthermore the journey is along the terraced farmlands and picturesque geographical terrain. The sight of the Ganesh Himal is also very fascinating. The hill of Barpak Village which is the epicenter of the 2015 earthquake can be seen from the village of Baseri. The waterfall is spiritual and has religious significance to the locals as well. The temple in the hill behind the waterfall could be the best sight of your journey. Once you have reached the waterfall the view point place there allows you to see the Chandragiri hill of Kathmandu Valley as well. The sight is of panoramic and worth capturing in your camera shutter and memory. The journey returns back to Dhadingbeshi using the different route. Therefore, this would be completely different experience of walking.

Book the Ganga Jamuna Trek with Nepal Intrepid Treks & Expedition. The local trekking guide and experts will make your trip full of adventure and authentic information. Don’t miss out to grab the adventurous off the beaten trekking experience in Nepal.

Day 01: Arrival

Day 02: Sight Seeing In Kathmandu

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