Rara Lake Trek is the most beautiful trekking region of Nepal. The journey to the wonderful and biggest lake of Nepal in the picturesque tranquil area of Western Nepal will be the best traveling tale of your life. Nepal Intrepid Treks offers the best logistics and itineraries for the mesmerizing off the beaten trekking journey.

The western region of Nepal is highly isolated and has difficult geographical terrain. The basic infrastructures of the region are very low yet the people of the region will welcome you with glee. Therefore, witness the amazing hospitality of the remote western region people of Nepal via Rara Lake Trek. The journey begins from the flight to Jumla airport. This is the best and beautifully located airport of Nepal. The journey passes by the numerous remote villages of the region. The landscapes and the geographical terrain will lure you. Though the trekking in to Rara Lake is long in comparison to other trekking trails of Nepal the journey would be mesmerizing. The natural and cultural abundance will make your trip overwhelmingly pleasant. Once you reach the top of the hill with the green lush forests and colorful rhododendron the sight of the magnificent blue water lake can be compared with the fairyland. The enchanting lake surrounded by the lofty peaks and heavily wooded hills worth every penny spent for this trekking in Nepal. Once you get to the bank of this magnificent Lake the Nepal Tourism Board motto of Naturally Nepal once is not enough get materialized. You will see the heaven in earth.

Book the Rara Lake Trek with the dedicated team of Nepal Intrepid Treks. Witness this virgin beauty with the vibrant trekking itineraries and logistics. The trail is yet to come up with the best tea houses but we have excellent logistics team to make your trekking a successful journey.

Day 01: Arrival

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